Venti-Light wall panels – transparent windbreaker

The perforated and transparend wall panels Venti-Light Panel, from Lightroof Systems are now being mounted. They are UV-treated on both sides, and let 60% light pass through. According to french tests, they reduce wind speed with 91,2% the way we have mounted them. The are also very shock resistant.. Jonas and Jan Stian from the construction company Byggmester Øien put panels on the west front in heavy wind, so they only needed to lift the panel againtst the wall, then would the wind pressure hold it as they attached the screws!

The other pictures show how the rooftop ventilation is constructed. The overhang will protect against rain and snow, and the opening will allow moist and warm air from the barn to flow out.

Ridge ventilation cattle barn

Ridge ventilation seen from the outside, when the wind blows over the ridge, air is sucked out through the gap.

Green house barn

Construction site on January 21st

Rendolit Ondex Perfolux

Venti-Light wall panels

Venti-Light wall panels

Detail from south-east corner


Ridge vent gap from the inside