Directions to find our place

How to get to Gran Nordre

There are many different ways to get to us – you may travel by train, plane, bus or car.. The following describes the different possibilities for transportation..

Arriving by car

The holiday in Norway starts on the day of arrival. The fine art is to choose the best route for your own needs.

If you are looking for the best travel route to Norway, you should first be aware of your own needs: Should you travel with your own car or do you prefer to rent a car? Is it important to reach your destination quickly, or is the ride itself part of the holiday, and additional stops on the way welcome? How much money can and will you spend? These factors influence the personal travel route. But no matter how you travel, the holiday on our farm is worth your effort.

With the ferry

From the European continent, you may travel convenient to Norway you by car ferry. This saves part of the energy-consuming driving but still allows you to explore Norway by car.

From Kiel there is a direct ferry connection to Oslo with the Color Line. This is certainly the most stress-free way to travel to Norway, as the ferry departs daily at 2 pm from Kiel and Oslo and reaches their destination at 10 o’clock the following day. Travelers spend the night in the booked cabin category and start sleeping well in their holidays.

An alternative is Stena Line with the ferry service from Kiel to Göteborg from 65 € plus cabin.

By car on the road

The drive from Hamburg to Oslo takes about 12 hours and leads via Flensburg to Denmark. There, the journey continues across the island of Funen to Nyborg, where the longest suspension bridge of Europe, the Storebælt bridge, connects Funen with the island of Seeland. Follow Copenhagen and the Öresund bridge to Sweden, pass Malmo and up the entire Swedish west coast.

From the Norwegian border to Oslo it is only one and a half hours. In this way, tourists can already learn a lot of new things on the outward journey and can visit the cities on the way, depending on the mood.

From Oslo to Snåsa it is some 666 km or 8-9 hours drive through Norway’s most scenic area always along the E6 direction Nordkapp..

Arrival by bus and train

If you want to travel by land, you can book a trip with the long-distance bus via Touring, Eurolines or Berlin Linienbus. The simple direct journey from Hamburg (or other major cities) to Oslo costs around 100 euros and takes about 15 hours.

Also by train the journey from Hamburg to Oslo takes more than 14 hours. All the routes will take you to Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

From Oslo you can travel by train very comfortably to Snåsa. The low price for a night train ticket includes an inflatable pillow, ohropax, a non-woven blanket and a pair of sleeping goggles.

Information about the Norwegian railway can be found at

Arrival by plane

If you are looking for a fast way to get there and also travel with little luggage through your holiday, the nearest airport is Trondheim Værnes. Sometimes a combined journey with airplane and train (eg flight to Oslo and night train to Trondheim) is a nice alternative.

A flight search is ideal with search engines like skyscanner or kayak, in order to exploit the individual combination possibilities of the airlines.