Svartbakken mountain cabins for the adventourous

Adventure, freedom and nature – our self-sufficient  mountain cabins in Svartbakken, just a short hike from the National Park „Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella Nasjonalpark“ is about 45 minutes drive from our farm. The two massive wooden huts each have a wood stove as well as a gas-powered cooking place. There is also a fire place area surrounded by benches in front of the huts. The nearby lakes and rivers or the melting of snow in winter will supply water in the hut dispensable. In total, the cozy cabin can accomodate 6 adventurous people. On request we will gladly bring you there in our car. Whethe you are looking for extended hikes, fishing, relaxing or picking berries: here you are exactly in the right place!