We about us

We are a Norwegian – German couple who love agriculture and animals, want to live healthy and don’t like to be bored.

Our farm is not only an idea, but an attitude towards life. We’re inspired from the idea of permaculture, and try to realize this under Norwegian conditions. This means to run a self-sufficient farming combined with sustainable Tourism – ecologically sustainable in the long run, economically feasible as well as ethically and socially fair.

We – Conny and Erik – are both a mixture of hand and head people with a good share of visionary stomach feelings. Peace, timee and to be close to nature are what we consider our luxury.


Erik and Cornelia Gran

A brief history of the farm

The farm Gran Nordre has its origin from ca year 300, and is one of the oldest farms in the area. It’s been an independent farm since 1706, and has belonged to the family since 1826. The Norwegian word „Gran“ means „spruce“, and refers to the tree. There may have been some particularly big spruces on the location at the time.