The farm experience/philosophy

To experience farm life – what can be more wonderful? A well functioning farm lives from the joy of life of the farm animals, the healthiness of the fields, the attention of the people and their visions of sustainable cycles – which should be applied to farming practice.

At our farm you are welcome to experience and help in the daily farming tasks, if it’s by feeding in the barn, by moving sheep or cattle og in the fields. Also you may sit in by driving the tractor. Even the calves micht enjoy some stroking.

School farm

Lively teaching

School at the farm means to experience, understand and learn with all senses – this is possible to do on an optimal way on the farm. The classroom is swapped with the free nature, the barn or the field. So can the connections between agriculture and the environment be shown and the conscience of valuable food products be awakened. The children can benefit lifelong from the experiences they have made on the farm.

Try out farm life

You are welcome to take part in our daily work on the farm. Are you interested in the barn work? Or do you wish to see how the sheep are sheared? Maybe you are planning a sommer vacation in Norway and want to use the possibility to help with haymaking? Or to have some workout in the winter making firewood?

Maybe is it just an old dream you have, just to try out to live on a farm to collect experience and compare your imaginations with the real country living?

Guided farm tours

Experience animals, nature, enjoyment and culture with all senses!

Do you have interest in our farm and our work? Would you like to know more about the animals and the management of land and forest?

We organize guided tours for groups and school classes with simple tasty serving.

Internship/student job

We are always looking for farm help/trainees, who with interest and joy want to learn and share the life on our farm as well to collect new experiences.

For more years volunteer helpers have come to our farm for shorter or longer stays. Through their help have we managed to reach more of our goals. Also you are invited for a stay – gladly a longer period – with us on the farm. 

The duties on the farm will vary over the season, and can be adapted to your interest and knowledge. Below is a list of some of the things trainees have been doing during their stay on our farm:

  • Barn work with cows, calves and sheep
  • Fence work, building and maintaining fences.
  • Assistance by harvesting of grass in silage bales
  • Field work.
  • Garden work
  • Colliecting berries and herbs and processing from these.
  • Composting
  • Forest cutting and processing of wood (firewood and some sawmill work)
  • Harvesting of garden berries, fruit and vegetables and conservation of those